Volunteer Tasks

Office Work

  •  Work with HVU staff to improve data collection tools and systems utilized by community volunteers for services provided in home-based care, nutrition, palliative care, and psycho-social support.
  •    In collaboration with HVU staff, develop additional appropriate tools or provide refresher training on existing tools to assess range and quality of service delivery in home based care, psycho-social support, and orphans and vulnerable children selection by community volunteers.
  • Serve as a member of HVU’s Quality Assurance and Improvement internal working group and provide input on improved M & E and service quality.
  •  Assist staff of HVU in developing/refining annual/quarterly M&E plans.
  • Increase the capacity of HVU staff in M &E through one-on-one and small group trainings.
  • Participate in a broad range of M&E activities, including workplan developments, report writing, and support supervision visits to gain exposure to various aspects of public health M&E systems across multiple program areas.
  • Refine and update HVU action plan for organizational development based on subsequent self-assessments.
  • Assist HVU in appropriate policy development for their organizations in areas of travel, employee handbooks, human resources and administration.
  • Participate in the preparation/orientation of incoming volunteers.
  • Draw up strategies for improving the Volunteer Program.
  • Participate in designing and organizing evaluations for Volunteers.
  • Create contacts with international Volunteer sending organizations.
  • Participate in fundraising plans for HVU activities including identification of potential funders and writing project proposals.
  • Contribute ideas to the development of a more sustainable volunteer program and as well as write articles for publication in the HVU volunteer program magazine/newsletter.
  • Participate in the design and development of the HVU website.
  •  Monitor and support the implementation of HVU’s Action Plans through on-the ground supervision, site visits, and email/phone support.
  • Any other duty as may be assigned by the HVU supervisor.


  • Community outreaches/sensitization about HIV/AIDS, Health Education, Sanitation, etc.
  • Join in Community home visits mainly to OVC families.
  • Social support to orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • Participate in organizing recreational activities and workshops for children.
  • Creating a resource center for youth to access information on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, STDs, HIV/AIDS, prevention and care.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, sports galas and youth outreach programs and holding discussions with the youth.
  • Form youth clubs in schools to aid the continuation of activities in the community.
  • Distribution of scholastic materials to OVCs under the OVC Support Program.

Volunteer Qualities

  • Open minded, ready to interact with other people of different cultural backgrounds
  • Willing to share his/her experiences
  • Flexible to live/stay in simple life conditions
  • Flexible to the taste of other foods (local)
  • With positive attitude, willing to interact easily
  • Ambition to help HIV/AIDS orphans and affected families
  • Creative and analytical
  • Very good intercultural communication skills and able to deal with different ethnic groups
  • Patient and able to work using few resources and basic facilities

Working hours

09:00am-04:30pm, Monday through Friday


HVU head office is located in Kassanda Trading Center and most volunteers will stay in places within a 20 minute walk to the offices. Volunteers going for field work in the community will always be provided with transport arranged by HVU office. Depending on the nature of the distance and the number of individuals going to the field, the means of transport may either be a truck (pick up vehicle) or a motor cycle (commonly known as boda-boda).


The official language at HVU offices is English and all staff communicates well in English. In the Community the commonly used language is Luganda though a few individuals have basic comprehension of English. During field work or any form of interaction with the community, there will always be an HVU staff member to act as interpreter between volunteers and community members to facilitate easy communication. Volunteers are also encouraged to learn the basics of the local language “Luganda” and will be supported to learn the language for better cultural orientation.

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