The Kassanda Women Integrated Apprenticeship Project (KWIAP) will address the socio-economic challenges that affect adolescent girls, and young mothers and their male partners. It will be a three year project targeting 3,240 adolescent girls, and young mothers 15 - 24 years, and their 1,080 male partners. The beneficiaries will be selected from HIV/AIDS impacted households where Healthcare Volunteer Uganda (HVU) has, in the past, reached children infected with HIV/AIDS with comprehensive support. The beneficiaries will be selected from 23,535 households, 270 villages, 38 parishes and 3 selected sub-counties of Kiganda, Myanzi, and Kassanda district, Uganda. The beneficiaries are individuals who are often out of school, unemployed and critically needy. They often have sex with men for money, shelter, favours and gifts. This puts them at high risk of HIV infection and other STI’s, unplanned pregnancy, uncertainty and rejection. Therefore, as a means to reduce their vulnerability, the KWIAP will offer apprenticeship courses with maximum duration of six months, in order to economically empower the targeted population. The project will contribute to household income through saving, and investment in various income generating activities by the beneficiaries after acquiring apprenticeship skills. The project will also up-scale utilization of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS services including family planning.

The key interventions will be apprenticeship courses in tailoring, hairdressing, bakery and entrepreneurship. SRH and HIV/AIDS services will include; family planning, condom use, Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC), HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC), prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (eMTCT) of HIV, safe sexual behaviours and care and treatment. Uganda’s skyrocketing population rate of 6.7 births per woman and the low contraceptive prevalence rate of 24% both contributes significantly to the increase of Uganda’s total population. This, coupled with inadequate utilisation of family planning (FP) services by the local population due to poor cultural norms, lack of male involvement and negative attitudes about contraceptive usage, leads to many productive women denied their sexual reproductive rights. SRH issues and HIV prevalence rate for Kassanda stands at 8.9%, which is higher than the national average of 7.3%. The Joint Clinical Research Council reported 20-25% prevalence for 2005/6, while Kassanda Hospital ANC data is at 18% since 2008. HIV affects mainly the sexually active population and sexual activity is the main defining risk factor. Heterosexual contact with an infected person and Mother to Child Transmission remains the primary routes of infection in Kassanda district

It is for this reason, Healthcare Volunteer Uganda has designed this three-year project with the following goals:

  1. Empowering 3,240 adolescent girls and young mothers with apprenticeship skills

  2. Providing Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS services among the 3,240 adolescent girls, young mothers and their 1,080 male partners

  3. Orient key stakeholders and HVU staff to deliver on their mandate in the provision of apprenticeship skills, SRH and HIV/AIDS needs, in the three sub-counties by May 2022.

To achieve the above results, HVU plans to work in close collaboration with both private and public structures including ten health centres and lower local governments. The total project budget is Uganda shilling 625,944,200/=UGX or $178,841 or GBP 139,099 for the 3 project years.

Please help us with the names of any individuals who would be willing to help us raise the funds for KWIAP, or put us in touch with fundraisers who could team up with us to raise funds for this critical project and help these vulnerable young mothers.

Please contact: MR. PONNY BUKENYA, Program Coordinator at

Thank you for your consideration of this very important project.