The Aim Of Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

CSP is targeting 600 vulnerable children in Myanzi, Bukuya, Kassanda, and Kiganda to be sponsored over the next 10 years. 160 vulnerable children have been selected and are hoping to receive sponsorships for the first round, Thus empowering children from disadvantaged backgrounds with home improvement and quality education to become motivated, confident and find well paid employment.

CSP aims to successfully collect enough data on deserving children. The selection of kids to be sponsored will be chosen utilizing HVU’s transparent record of efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. 

Despite the government’s effort to provide everyone access to education through introducing UPE (universal primary education), many children in the area have failed to continue with education. This is because they can’t afford scholastic materials, school meals and other school requirements such as uniforms. at secondary level, even though the government has tried to introduce USE (universal secondary education), some children especially orphans and needy children are unable to go to school.  like their counter parts at the Primary level they can’t afford the basic necessities of life much less the scholastic materials, food, medical care and other requirements, and have dropped out of school.


Child Sponsorship Program was formed to take care of thEse VULNERABLE children to restore hope to them. It has identified these children and registered them as needy AND aimS TO providE THEM WITH the necessary assistance. 

FURTHERMORE, CSP has registered 160 orphans and needy children. The percentage of girls is higher than that of boys who are orphans.


THE Child Sponsorship Program does not aim TO challengE THE government program but RATHER to supplement THE government’s effort TO help orphans and the needy IN Kassanda Counties. Through commitment, devotion and determination, the program will be able to raise funds especially from friends, churches, Child Sponsorship Ambassador and the members of the program ULTIMATELY supporting over 160 needy children