We have designed special gift packages for sponsors who would like to give something extra to their sponsored children. Your gifts will also give your sponsored child the ability to share with the entire classroom.


We currently offer 4 different gift packages that you can give to your sponsored child at any time. Choose from a Sports Package, Arts & Crafts Package, Personal Care & Hygiene Package, and Birthday Package.


Give your sponsored child a year of joy and excitement with our annual gift package!  HVU staff will ensure your sponsored child receives each gift at the appropriate time or occasion. The annual gift package includes: Extra School Supplies, Birthday Gift (delivered on the child’s birth month), and a Personal Care and Hygiene Package


Each year, we design a special holiday gift package based on the needs of the children in the program. The Holiday 215 Gift is here! With the success of "Shoes For All" we are offering a gift for your child and his classmates the gift of locally sourced shoes.


Goats and seeds are tangible gifts which provide nutrition and income.

GOATS - $100

The gift of a goat means much more than a unique find on your holiday shopping list. For rural families, livestock is a tangible resource that will increase in value over time.
Goats are hardy, easy to care for, and reproduce quickly – an ideal “starter” animal that will provide sustenance for families into the future. Your gift includes vaccinations and training for animal care.

SEEDS - $56

Most of the seeds used in CSP communities are indigenous, naturally drought resistant, and well-suited to the climates where they are used.  Seeds are often costly and many farmers are unable to obtain them easily hence your provision is extremely appreciated.
Give the gift that grows into healthy crops for consumption and sale. You’ll be sowing hope and stopping hunger.


Participating in Self-Help Groups, Village Savings/Loans Associations, co-ops, and other micro-finance programs this sponsorship gives women the skills and self-confidence to save, budget and earn an income to support her family.

You'll be setting her up as a role model for her children and her community. This gift transforms lives, taking women and children out of poverty and into empowerment for a brighter future.


Supply a selection of livestock- sheep, goats, pigs or chickens dependant on location and climate, and build a sustainable path out of poverty.

This gift basket sets a family up with a source of income and nutrition for the long term.

Your contributions will help provide the following for the child, and family/household improvement:

  $12 tuition fees -collected per month for 3 times and paid once for a school term

  $5 uniform - collected per month for 3 times and paid once for a school term

 $5 deworming and checks ups– collected per month for 3 times and paid once for a school term

  $5 school supplies -collected per month for 3 times and paid once for a school term

  $5 for meals -collected per month for 3 times and paid once for a school term

  $8 for household improvement on a monthly basis

  $5 Administration fees for used for postage, office supplies, mails, local volunteer stipends and internet charges (10% Admin fees)

The total monthly donation stands at USD $ 45.