Communicating With Your Sponsored Child 

CSP Officer invites each child sponsor to foster a personal connection with their student through the exchange of letters and photos


Each sponsor will receive the following communications throughout the year: 

·       Back to school letter at the close of each school term.

·       Sponsorship E-newsletter at the end of school year.

·       Student Holiday Greeting & photo update at the end of the year.

To write to your sponsored child, please follow the guidelines as described below:

1.     E-mail with your letters and photo jpg formats.

2.     Letters can be sent only in English. Please keep in mind that it takes an average of 3 weeks to receive and deliver your letter and send a response.


Your sponsored child is truly blessed to have a sponsor with an amazingly generous heart, like you! In order to better serve the children, ensure efficiency and the best use of funds, free feel to send your gifts directly to child at P.O. Box 27614 Kampala Uganda. We encourage sponsors to send gifts through ‘’The Sponsorship Account" but accompany the gift with a letter.

*Please allow one month for items purchased and delivered to your sponsored child.


One of the most unique benefits of Child Sponsorship is the ability for sponsors to visit with their sponsored child in Uganda.

The following guidelines apply to all Child Sponsorship visits.

1.     Visits will take place at the CSP center or school and be accompanied by CSP staff – unless the sponsor requests in writing to visit the child at her/his home.

2.     All donors are responsible for the costs associated with the visits, although CSP is happy to help with logistics.

3.     If a donor wants to give a ‘’special advised gift’’ to their sponsored child, they must inform the Child Sponsorship Program Officer prior to their sponsored child and they must inform the Child Sponsored Program Officer prior to the visit.

You can mail your letter to Child Development Coordinator, HVU - Child
Sponsorship Program P.O.BOX 27614 Kampala -Uganda
If you’d like to visit your sponsored child, please contact the Child Sponsorship Program Officer for more information at   Please give at least two weeks notice before you wish to visit your sponsored child.